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Anime Con Video: Connichiwa

Connichiwa 2017 +Masquerade

Convention: Connichiwa

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Date: March 24-26, 2017

Deleted Masquerade entry from the video

Special Guest Cosplayer: Dustbunny.

Connichiwa's official website:

Connichiwa: © 2017 ConMagick, LLC

About this Convention.

Connichiwa is an anime convention that is held in Tucson Arizona and organized by Monkey Paws. In my opinion, this convention is awesome. I went to this con back in March 2017, Unfortunately, I couldn't make it in 2018.
Also, this con is moving to a new location and new date in June 2019.
Don't believe me? Or want more information and see membership prices? Click here to go to there web site.

About this Video

This video also includes the whole masquerade. Which is why the video is over an hour long if you're wondering. Eventually, this Con-nichiwa video is my first con video and I just made a decision to film the whole masquerade while I was at the con. In other words, I had edit the lower thirds on the bottom of the video which includes the name of the character and series depending on what the cosplayer goes as on every skit or entry in the masquerade from the video. Although, I may not know the character from an anime or game of what the cosplayer goes as. If you discovered the name wrong, please correct me.
Enjoy the video.